Delivering Advanced Engineering Solutions
AESC has provided risk assessment services for various Department of Defense, and DoD contractor organizations. These services include support equipment as well as weapons safety, reliability, availability and risk assessments. Assisting Department of Homeland Security with creating scenario based risk models. We have studied weapons safety for various stages of use, including storage, transportation, and deployment with focus on safety risk to civilian and military personnel handling the weapons.

As part of the Navy's weapon safety assessment program, we have provided safety risk assessment services for new weapons designs as well as weapons already in service.

Even though safety risk is the highest priority when dealing with weapon systems, mission assurance is also of high priority concern. With regards to mission assurance, our staff has successfully developed risk models to assess failure risks, and consequences. These models focus on risk of failure as a function of system reliability, availability, and operational scenarios. Operational scenarios are very diverse, but they can be summarized as environmental and intended use parameters. Through risk assessment methodology we have been able to provide foresight into possible failure scenarios, and quantitative measure of their likelihood.
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