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Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA) Analysis AESC brings years of experience and expert staff that specialize in multitude of RMA analysis techniques and methodologies. AESC has utilized its expertise during design, prior to and after commercial distribution, to assess reliability, maintainability, and availability of products, and systems. Our belief is that high reliability, and high availability systems inherently increase safety.

AESC performs reliability analysis prior to commercial distribution utilizing theoretical and statistical methods by determining reliability of each component, then progressively moving upward, to determine reliability of each subassembly until system reliability is determined. This assessment is recommended when field and service data is not available, ultimately if a system has been in service or has had actual tests in the intended environment, that data will take precedence.

Maintainability assessment is a critical piece of the RMA analysis, and it is required for foresight into maintenance readiness, cost, and whether availability requirements are met.

For high availability requirements of safety systems, and or life critical equipment AESC recommends an availability study to assess the probability that the equipment will be operational during its service lifetime. Techniques utilized by AESC include Reliability Block Diagrams, Markov state & transition analysis, and fault tree analysis. Related standards, guidelines, and methodologies utilized by AESC:

Failure Prediction Maintainability Assessment Reliability / Availability Assessment
MIL-217 Monte Carlo simulation Reliability Block Diagrams
Telecorida Probabilistic block diagrams Weibull analysis
RDF 2006 MIL-HDBK-472 Fault Trees
NSWC 98 Markov chains

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