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AESC's safety assessments provide the foresight that is essential for averting safety risks. Safety risk could arise from natural or man-made circumstances. However identification of credible safety risk is a daunting task, if proper scientific approach is not used. Utilizing a systematic and scientific approach AESC's expert staff handle safety assessments with confidence.

Risk management goals can be identified in terms of availability, reliability, risk, and safety. Safety being one of the most important elements of any organizations' risk management goals, a scientific assessment can provide insight to level of protection designed in for the environment, public, and personnel.

Our safety risk assessment process also includes safety integrity level (SIL) determination, in accordance with IEC 61508, and ISA S84. This enables our clients' products to comply with SIL classification for their respective industries. Determination of SIL is based on a probabilistic risk graph that is constructed using four parameters, "Consequence - C", "Exposure - F", "Probability of avoiding hazard - P", and "Likelihood of Event - W". Please see Safety Inegrity Level Analysis page for more details.

Risk management in general, and in this case safety risk management is an iterative process, where risk management tries to achieve the safety goals, and risk assessment verifies the achievement of the goals. At AESC we have developed modeling techniques to perform iterations without actual implementation that save time and money. These algorithms are intended to optimize the analysis results, and reduce the actual implementation iterations. We ultimately recommend the assessment of any existing or newly implemented safety mechanisms.
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