Delivering Advanced Engineering Solutions
AESC's staff of software engineers provides high quality customized solutions to our clients that encompass all phases of software development. Starting at inception of a project we work with clients to list specification and requirements, draw up architectural plans, provide detail design, and provide expert developers for implementation, testing and deployment. During specification and requirements phase we apply PRAM methodology, and follow its guidelines through out all other phases of development. During detail design and development phase we apply a spiral development model that iteratively measures accomplishments against milestones. Use of PRAM and spiral development model gives our clients transparency to our internal processes, allows for clients to interject new ideas, and ensures management of our accomplishments.

AESC and its staff have developed and deployed high quality desktop, and web-distributed platforms, as well as real-time embedded monitor control applications. Our expertise lies in scientific, analytical, and specialized algorithm software development. We have developed and successfully deployed desk top risk assessment software platforms, as well as desktop RMA applications for our clients and in house use. These applications include both commercially distributed, as well as one-of applications for clients’ internal use.

AESC has expert staff specialized in multitude of platforms and software development technologies, including MS Windows, MS Visual Studio, C, C++, C#, VB, Java, .NET, ASP, SQL. Other specialized operating systems include VxWorks for real-time embedded applications. We also take full advantage of off the shelf UI component to reduce development cost, and time.
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